A tan makes you look and feel better. A custom, hand applied spray tan is considerably more precise at covering your body to give you a flawless glow. Your tan will be more even, since the tech is trained to control the amount of solution applied. You don’t get this in a booth. Color can be customized to achieve the best color level for your skin.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but I am SO happy with my tan! It was fun having friends over to get tan and drink some wine! I recommend having a party. Dawn Hornberger was very generous to me for hosting. Today I got several compliments on my tan from people I know and they were amazed at how natural it looked. I’m feeling pretty great today!” – Alicia F.

“I love my tan! Not orange at all. Very natural.” – Linda C.

“I just had a spray tan by Get Glowing Mobile Spray Tanning. It is amazing! It’s nothing like going to a salon for a spray by a machine! Love it! I’ll be getting one all winter!” – Beth S.